About Me

I’m Subita Hudson and I can help you achieve your goals!

I've a First Class Honours Maths Degree and a Master’s in Education (with Distinction).

I've been a classroom teacher for over 10 years and a Head of Maths for the last 4 years every year achieving amazing results.

My greatest joy is watching students blossom into ‘can do’ pupils rather than cannot do. And of course sharing my love and passion for maths.

A maths GCSE will open doors to amazing jobs – let me help you with that! Whether you are 11 or 77 – age does not matter.


We both have the desire for you to succeed.

Having tutored alongside my classroom based teaching, I have seen a faster improvement in self esteem and confidence in my tutored students. 

Do Any of  These Relate to You or Someone You Know?

A) You can’t get your dream job because you need a pass in GCSE Maths.

B) You can't get onto your dream course because you didn’t pass your GCSE maths.

C) You want to pass GCSE maths the first time so you never have to do it again.

D) Your class of 30 + students means you cannot concentrate or ask lots of questions.

E) You feel invisible in your class and are too shy to ask for help.

F) Your heart is set on the best universities which will only look at you if you have a grade 789 in maths.

G) You have taken the exam so many times you are loosing the will to live and just want to scream.

H) All your family, brothers, sisters etc. have passed so why can’t you?

I) My parents couldn’t do maths so neither can I ( so not true).

J) You just need a little support to pass.

K) You need a lot of support to pass.

L) Some other reason which I would love you to share with me.

Or are you a parent who feels unable to support your child with their school work?

So, if any of the above relate to you look no further as I can help.


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