Education saved my life

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

A bold statement but one that is true.

Whilst motherhood and raising three wonderful children was and is fulfilling, I found that once they were at secondary school they seemed to need me less and less.

Having left sixth form with 3 A levels at 18 years old, the call of full time employment earning a salary to allow me to have fun was far stronger than three years at university studying Zoology (I didn’t get the grades to do Oceanography).

So basically I was qualified to do nothing. I always took jobs to fit around the children – Asda checkout, night shifts in care homes – all worthwhile but unfulfilling.

Eventually I moved from London to Cornwall, and the thought of another poorly paid undervalued job was incredibly depressing and I felt myself getting very low.

I can remember sitting on my sofa, kids at school, thinking what is the point!

Then a beam of sunlight shone through the window on me and I instantly knew I needed to return to education and fulfil my dream of graduating from university.

And so my life began again….education literally saved my life!

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