Teacher versus Tutor?

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Overall, the pattern is that small group tuition is effective and, as a rule of thumb, the smaller the group the better - Education Endowment Foundation

Why pay for tuition when you can get free education at school?

As I have said before, whilst schools are amazing places it is unlikely that your child will be in a class of less than 20 students.

Perhaps your child is 'the invisible child' (see blog).

They may be the 'naughty' child who spends much of their time outside of the classroom and therefore not learning.

Or maybe your child maybe shares a classroom which is noisy, with these 'lively' students - an environment not lending itself to quiet study.

Well, Research has shown that tuition in smaller groups of two or less has a higher impact than in groups of three or more, but a lower impact than one to one tuition.

Once group size increases above six or seven there is a noticeable reduction in effectiveness.

That is why in all my small group lessons there is a maximum of six students.

The only voice a student will hear is mine so there is complete focus on the maths, however, students can ask questions at any time

Stand out from the crowd in small group lessons

It is important though to not step on a teachers toes

I have heard from many parents during my time as Head of Maths that 'Billy's tutor says he should definitely be sitting the higher tier as he is doing so well at home'.

Despite Billy failing every mock exam (foundation).

A good teacher knows what is best for their student.

A good tutor knows to trust the teacher.

GCSEs: are private tutors teachers’ friends or foes?

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