The Invisible Child

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

As a classroom teacher for over 10 years and Head of Maths for four, I am guilty of focusing more on the challenging, demanding children, and less on the quiet ones.

My team and I were always looking at different strategies to engage students who would regularly disrupt a lesson because they were either bored, or had no boundaries at home, or more often than not found the lesson required resilience which they were not prepared to give or unable to do.

So you’ve guessed it – these students took up a lot of our time. The gifted, able students also stood out for obvious reasons and were often selected to represent the school in competitions, or visit higher education establishments for Master Classes and enrichment sessions.

There is that final group of students who can go through their entire education being invisible. They quietly work away, never asking for help if they get stuck, never causing any trouble, perhaps a little introverted, never asked to share their ideas and always the last to have their names learnt by staff.

Fortunately, I can make your child feel like they matter. Their voice IS important, they are entitled to shine and they deserve our time and attention.

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