The Cowboy GCSE MATHS Tutor?

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

I met a lovely man this week

He is tutoring primary and secondary students in foundation maths

He does not have any qualifications in maths or teaching

His subject knowledge is basic

He charges the same hourly rate as I do

I've a First Class Maths Degree

I've a First Class Masters Degree

10 years of teaching in secondary school

An excellent track record of results

Perhaps I should become a consultant physician

No wait I am not qualified – who cares?


So how do we fix this?

Whilst we cannot remove all cowboy tutors we can make it easy for you or someone you know to find an excellent tutor, one who is worth your time and your money.

When searching for a tutor make sure you do/ask the following:

· Ask for proof of a degree qualification/relevant subject qualification

· Can they provide references from parents/students?

· Can they provide a FREE session to see if they can teach? Subject knowledge is not enough – tutors need to inspire and motivate

Remember cheapest is not always best!

Paying for a private tutor can be an economic hardship for many parents so make sure you are well informed

A quarter of secondary school children have private tutors

Even parents are paying for a private tutor so they can help their children

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