Small Group Lessons Online

Most students will sit in a class of up to 34 with 1 teacher supporting all their individual needs. I am offering cost effective classes of no more than 6 students for a more personalised session.

Many students prefer learning online with no travel involved from the comfort of their own home. Students in each class will be of similar ability working towards either the Higher or Foundation GCSE. The sessions will be fully interactive so students can ask me questions at any point (don't be shy, there are only up to 6 of you!).

At the end of each session you will be sent a recording so you can revisit it at your leisure.

VIP Lessons Online

So, you want me all to yourself and you don't want to share! That is absolutely fabulous. Together 'You and Me' can work at your pace to conquer all those little maths obstacles in your way.

You can ask me any specific questions you may have, or, I can write a bespoke course based on your needs alone.

Whatever grade you are aiming for I can help you to achieve it.

Adults Only

Are you an adult and you can’t get your dream job because you need a pass in GCSE Maths?
Or maybe you can't get onto your further education course because you didn’t pass your GCSE maths?

Has it been years since you sat in a classroom and the thought of doing that again is horrific?

Well you don't have to! Whatever grade you need I can help.

Similar to Small Group Lessons Online but for Adults only. Life is too short for anything to hold you back - especially a maths exam. Together 'You and Me' CAN make dreams come true!

If you have any questions, please contact me or book online now!